Falling Star

November 9, 2007
I knew he was wrong
He told me I’d be the first
To fly like a bald eagle
Searching for its prey.

“Don’t get too close to the sun
Or you will melt like a candle
That has been burning all night!”

I said “Whatever, I’m going up just to
Prove you wrong!”
Before I knew it my wax wings bubbled
Like a pot of thick stew
And a thick glob of gluey wax
Came off my wings.

My wings melted like butter in a microwave
As I flew higher.
I was almost there, when I fell,
My descent was slow like time.
As I descended, I screamed for help.
None of the people below cared
And if they did want to help
They would have.

I wonder now as I sit in the beyond,
If Father warned them not to
Help me.

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