Secret Tears

September 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Secret tears,
They flow from within,
They compensate your mind and make your head spin.
They hide behind your smile.
You want to make them disappear,
You're seared with the giuilt and pain,
that won't go away.
Outside you laugh,
Inside you scream,
Outside you run,
Because inside you don't want to be seen.
You cover them with jokes,
And let all hopes,
die slowly with your smrik.
And believe me, it's no perk.
I will wipe those tears and make them mine,
I will help you shine.
Just, do me a favor.
Do your best to savor
any hope and life you have.
Because your secret tears belong to me,
and now that i've set you free,
go out and just BE.

The author's comments:
Several reasons. All personal. sry.

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