The Penguin and the Flower

November 9, 2007
By David Woodruff, Stafford, VA

In his nicest suit,
The penguin waddles
Rather clumsily over,
His parted tail trailing behind him.
As he approaches a flower
Which seems to have its roots
Attached to the wall.

Unwillingly, the flower he pulls free
Its leafy appendages carrying it
Nervously across the floor.
The penguin grins
And takes her by his wing,
Leading the flower.

Surrounding them,
Adorable doves, handsome hawks,
Bright roses, and colorful fruits,
They all know the moves.
But they aren't as wonderful as
The penguin bobbing from side to side,
And the wallflower swaying slightly in the breeze,
Making it up as they go along.

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