Ethiopian Pride

September 1, 2010
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-Living in America, such a blessing
-Freedom for all, and nobody stressing
-Where am i from? Puerto Rico? Cuba? No keep guessing
-Ethiopia is what i am repping
-Those are my people and my people are those
-One love, no matter friends or foes
-United with our pride
-All the tears we have cried
-All our ancestors who've died
-All taught us to never be ashamed and hide
-So i hold my head high
-Obeying our rules to live by
-To honor our father and our mother
-To help one another, like our sister and our brother

-Poverty is present left and right
-Hungry babies, such a sad sight
-When i make it in this world, i will provide a place for the homeless to sleep at night
-The famine severity has decreased
-But definitely has not ceased
-When im able, I will provide all my people with the best feast

-Dignity immense
-But theres a reason behind this that does makes sense
-One of two countries never colonized
-We were never slaves, rarely does anyone ever realize
-Not because lack of trying
-The Italians did just that, but they werent frightening
-Cut them all up like tomatoes, we were dicing.
-Sent them home unsatisfied with all their guns and their gear
-When all we had were our hands and a spear
-So ask me again where im from
-Ethiopia, out of my mouth it will come
-Why do i have so much pride
-Because we have made it, and all the tears have dried

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