Fragile, Porcelain, Broken

September 1, 2010
Proceed with caution
This girl is broken
She’s bleeding out
For an easy escape

Proceed with caution
She’s fading fast, losing her soul
Her eyes so innocent, yet so scared

Proceed with caution
She’s bruised
She’s nearly gone
But there is hope

Proceed with caution
She has a slight sliver of hope
She has a slight sliver of warmth, of light!

Proceed with caution
Her mind is going blank
The darkness is claiming another
She doesn’t belong there
Will you save her?

She’s calling out for you; she’s screaming your name
“Angel!” she cries; “Help!” She pleads
Still you leave her bathing in the mud
Crying her crimson tears

It’s her hell
Her faith is in the knife
The light is disappearing, it’s nearly gone
Will you save her?

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