Erika's Valentine's Poem

September 1, 2010
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I’m not quite sure
About what I should say.
I’ve been looking inside myself
Day after day,
For the words that make sense
To what exactly how I feel.
These words have never been so fake
To a love that’s so real.

Nothing is good enough,
And this poem is trash
Because it can’t even speak to you,
And I thought I was past
Trying to prove my love to you
But a new attempt is made
Every time our hearts connect,
Every single living day.

I used to mess with my head phones
In the cord I’d make nooses,
Doing it subconsciously
While listening to music.
Now when my fingers grasp it
An image of you flashes
And I form a heart within them,
Thankful for the many gashes
That our hearts had to endure
When we were far apart
Never together,
Yet each other’s from the start.
Stepping away, another step further.
Slipping away, until we ran into each other all over again.

Now it’s the best time of my life
I’ve thought about it,
And got so happy I would cry,
And I would die
Without you by my side.
I need you more and more that we share our lives.

My best friend… How could I ever live without you?
My one true love… How could I ever breathe without you…?
It’s insane how much I truly need you…
We will always be together,
I could never leave you.

Sometimes I’ll begin to think about a person’s death,
And how it would affect me.
I…think of you and I have to stop myself…
The feeling is way too much to hold within me.
I think I may die without you…
I really…really do…
But I push these thoughts away
Because I will always have you.

From now on we will never be alone.
For the rest of our lives
My arms will be a welcome home
And I’ll reside within yours,
And we don’t ever have to leave.
Forever and always
You will always have me.

Forever and always…
You will always have me…

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