And Yet Still

September 14, 2010
By jamS24 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
jamS24 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I don't care what your parents say, sometimes failure is beautiful and dedication is deadly.

The sun was shining and the cool breeze fills me with joy,
I lie on the soft green blanket covering most of the Earth and begin to think,
My teeth aren’t perfect, I am not the richest, nor am I the prettiest,
My hair doesn’t flow in the wind, and my skin doesn’t resemble a porcelain doll;
And yet still I close my eyes and smile at my life

I walk the cold crowded halls with my friends on either side,
We talk about life, and share our dreams, and that made me think again,
My grades aren’t the best; the guy I like might not even know me,
I’m not all that popular, I’m not the all-around American girl, and I’m not always that nice;
And yet still I look at my friends and I smile at life

I sat in my class and let the teacher speak,
The bell now rang it was time to learn;
But I couldn’t help to daydream as I always tend to do
My nose isn’t to my liking; my attention span isn’t very long,
I ate too much at lunch and I think I’m gonna puke, I look over to my right and see my crush
Passing notes with another girl,
And yet still I look down at my pencil and smile at life

I walk into my ocean blue and light green room,
Decorated with band posters, and awards galore
I look at my walls barely an inch not covered and it sends me into another one of my thoughts again
My room isn’t very clean, my parents and I always disagree,
My clothes aren’t the most expensive, I’m not always appreciated, and I know I’m too tired to finish my homework,
I walk to my bed and fall on it with a flop
And yet still I close my eyes and smile at life as I drift off to sleep just to wake into the life I can’t help but smile at.

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