My Sky

September 14, 2010
I'm holding on tight. His arm is the only thing keeping me from the horribly long fall. Complete trust. I look beyond his head. Blackness, bright lights. No. This isn't the way its suposed to be.
"There is no sky", the words burst from my mouth breathless, angry, maybe a little crazed.
"What?" he looks down at me.
I begin to cry, sob. And scream,
"There is no sky! Where is the sky?"
I almost let go. I almost fall, but he holds on tight. He doesn't understand. But that doesn't matter to him.
"Look at me, only me"

And so I do. I look into his eyes and my crying stops, leftover tears stream my face as I go still. Eyes so blue. Blue like the sky. The sky, the blue I couldn't see, is in his eyes.
So soft,infinite, forever.
"My sky" I whisper, never breaking our gaze.
"I'll be your sky, always, because the sky is eternal"

Things happen, time passes. Life goes on. But when we must fly,our gaze never breaks. I am with my sky.

Then the day, the dreadful day when the sky hardened. Hard like the earth. My sky in which I trust with my life holds me by the hand, dangles me above the height. Routine now. But when I look into the eyes of my sky, they are hard. Once we are as high as we can get, something changes, something so subtle I wouldn't have noticed if my sky's eyes weren't so hard. The pressure on my hand, was loosening. Ever so slightly. My eyes never stray from the hard blue, even as I realize what will happen.

And I fall hopelessly through the air, down. I look up, no sky, just the blackness, the bright, blinding white lights. And I fall.

For my sky has dropped me.

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