Dear Parents

November 9, 2007
I always made the wrong choice,
Trouble became my best friend,
It’s not your fault,
I put that on myself,
So there’s no need to blame yourself,
You didn’t fail at teachin’ me,
I just failed at listening,
And don’t judge me for my actions,
People make mistakes,
I’m sorry I did things the hard way,
But I had to find out in my own way,
I got into trouble, learned my lesson,
But all you see is what I did,
And not what I learned from it,
Though you would tell me,
“You’re throwing your life away,
You’re starting to go down the wrong road,
And hang out with a bad crowd,
You’re too young to now what decisions to make,
And you don’t know what opportunities to take,”
You’re right; maybe I was too young,
But my friends weren’t the problem,
I was, I made the choices,
So I take full responsibility,
And I know it took me a while,
To finally mature and grow up,
But now I’m back to fix things,
And get everything unstuck,
I’m starting a new beginning,
At last, life feels absolute,
And if I could do it all over again,
I would do everything the same,
Because if I didn’t,
I wouldn’t be who I am.

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