Memories that Last a Lifetime

November 9, 2007
By Kaley Fox, Pelham, AL

A vivacious little girl full of character,
That large hair bow bobbing up and down in the overflowed Gobbler’s Knob baby pool.
The times when I rebelliously snuck out of my bright yellow house while my mom was showering,
Oh boy, I was a mess!
Jumping on that bouncy trampoline and racing through the “rainbow sprinkler” from sun up till my mom called me in for dinner.
Colliding into the garage doors, with my most favorite toy of all, my white and neon pink Barbie jeep.
These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy, laughing, curious, innocent little girl,
Learning how to tie my pearly white ked tennis shoes all by myself, in my sea foam green and baby pink Minnie Mouse bedroom,
Smelling those tasty egg and cheese toasters my daddy would cook every Saturday morning.
Anxiously waiting for the mailman to deliver my treasured American Girl Dolls,
Constantly playing outside and riding my bicycle with all the neighborhood kids.
Sprinting as a fast as I could towards the loud ringing of the ice cream truck with my crunched up dollar bill, just to be the first in line,
Leaving my mom in the Galleria and hiding under the circular clothes racks,
These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Gashing my knee on the big air vent in the hallway and running late to my kindergarten teachers wedding that I could not miss! After what seemed like hours, I finally showed up all stitched up and I was ready to dance!
Pretending to be Miss Fox in my little classroom I made in the living room,
Smelling all the fine treats we make at our annual family Christmas bake off.
My mom’s high heels on my little feet clumping around our house with her clip on earrings on my tiny ears.
These precious memories will never be forgotten.

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