Don't Lose Your Mind

September 1, 2010
By Kasrain SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
Kasrain SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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''It's not how hard you fall that determines how strong you are, it's how fast you get up.''

''I think I have lost what I held so dear, and now that I've lost it for my life I fear, It has gone away oh so far not near;

I must say that it is quite a shame, that I've lost my mind and forgotten my name, Trying to remember causes eternal flames;

Two important things in my life that I had, have gone away and left me this sad, And angry I am yes I've gotten quite mad;

Oh tell me who lives with no brain, oh because I have lost it I'm going insane, but don't you need a brain to go insane?;

I feel the heat upon my head, I fear for soon I may become dead, so heed to these words I've chosen and said;

If ever it happens that you lose your mind, track it down quickly for you don't have much time, If you fail in your search insanity you'll find;

My head is on fire for I feel this pain, that I very much trouble trying to explain, The worst thing to do is to lose your own brain;

I feel it is here my time has arrived, I leave you with one final piece of advice, don't lose your mind for it is not nice.''

The author's comments:
I want full criticism. This helps me become a better writer.

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