Dancing Through Life

November 9, 2007
By Phoebe Castelblanco, Asheville, NC

I close my eyes.
Through my closed eyes a tree branch sways toward a serene lake.
Outside of my mind, my arm, then leg follows the branches path.
My body takes over from there, working its way through the patterns it knows so well. My eyes stay closed.
A sharp edge in my elbow becomes a soft curve to my arm.
A slow, steady rhythm moves through my core.
I don’t need music to dance.
An imaginary breeze moves over my body, one way then another.

I dance through the emotions of life.
Springing up from the ground, I feel like touching the sky.
Diving to my feet, while curving my body upward is like trying to swim through a dark puddle, blindly feeling my way to the surface to take a breath.
Throwing an arm to one side, another arm to the other, two legs following closely, I take a deep breath and I feel my body stretching in all directions.
I am a tall mountain, all powerful.
I experiment with many other stances using my emotions to lead the way.

Colors shimmer through my hair, my eyes catch the sunlight, the blue sky reflects off of my light shirt.
No jewelry shines because I wear none.
No trinkets decorate my body.
I believe that only the way you present yourself will determine how people will remember you.

I care not so much about what people think of my movements after my performance but how they remember the emotions expressed.
I want to be the one who floated on a cloud, or a sunken ship, forgotten and lonely, possibly even a tiny mouse, shrunken and afraid.
I want to be remembered.

To believe in what you do rather than think about what you are supposed to do is disappointingly different.
To feel your body move on its own is a miracle that sends my spirit soaring.
Today I shall believe.

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