She's Gone

August 20, 2010
she cries..but only on the inside
she screams..but only when she needs
someone to realize the tears that quickly flow through her eys
she burns..into a small flame
she spreads but she cant mend
the hurt that's already there
the burn that won't disappear
she talks to herself
she hurts her
then she tries to fix it
she cries because she knows she can't
she prays but it still stays
she didnt make herself this way
she's come to hate people
because they impact on others
so she's quiet and shy
she no more riots and lie
she tells them she not fine whenever asked
she tell them nevermind when they try to find why
because she knows they can't help
so she stays and melts
she drops hints but no one gets them
only one is close enough her only true friend
she wonders when she'll be taken seriously
if the only time
that they do
is when she dies

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