sleepless nights

August 4, 2010
By Anonymous

So many sleepless nights,
Ive had to endure,
sick of these constant fights,
i need a cure.
The stress is becoming,
more than I can take,
'Cuz every truth i trusted in,
is showing that its fake.
I cry when I'm alone,
and act when I'm not,
Why am I so prone,
to being forgot?
These tears that fall are true,
This pain i feel is real,
and all because of you,
I dont know if this will heal,
Depression please just let me be,
I think I've had enough,
of crying screaming hurting,
and acting like I'm tough.
I know that I'm not really,
I'm sure others see it too,
but its much easier to act,
than actually showing through.
Insanity, insomnia keep me awake at night,
and all because it seems as if,
this pain will never take flight,
So ill take another pill,
and sleep the pain away,
and if they dont work,
the pain will have to stay.
Insanity will be my friend,
deep into the night,
We'll talk and smile laugh and chat,
if my pills won't work right.
I'll stay up and pray,
for this pain to leave,
and ill just have to wait,
until i feel relieved.

The author's comments:
I was really sad and feeling depressed about alot. i couldnt sleep at night and felt as if i would go insane if it didnt go away. I was going through a breakup at the same time and that didnt help any. My parents always encouraged me to pray about any hardship i had and i did. and now its let up alot Thank God. It took a long time before i even told anyone about it besides a few close friends and of course God but now everythings getting better.

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