My Heart Is A like a broken win

November 9, 2007
My Heart Is A like a broken wing and what good is a bird that cannot fly?
My love could turn the sweetest man cold.
my love would crush a man's lips like a sore thumb
my love could make a man's heart numb.
Having a broken heart is like having a voice
but what good is a voice that cannot speak.
No longer am i in love but i in lust.
No one understands. No one understands the power of a real man until they have had their heart broken by one.
I Am ashamed.. ashamed Because i am in pain.
My broken heart never heals by a single tear.
And what good is a man that cannot love.
Its a man that never knew or understood love. or maybe it was more than pain or misery because misery loves company
it was just love was never good enough.

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