August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm sorry for the way I am
My destructive painful side
I'm sorry that I wont be there
As someone you can confide
I'm sorry that I'm too much to handle
But there's not enough to share
I'm sorry that the way I act
For you it's just not fair
I'm sorry that I'll never help you
Understand how I feel
I'm sorry that it's because I change
And even I cant deal
I'm sorry that I became today
What I've always feared
I'm sorry that I hate it so
And I'm never truly here
I'm sorry I'm so complicated
Or just hiding inside myself
I'm sorry that I hide at all,
My emotions in a jar on the shelf
I'm sorry for trying to explain
Then quiting halfway through
I'm sorry that I have so little faith
In myself, everyone, and you
I'm sorry for saying sorry so much
But now I can't seem to stop
I'm sorry for this chain of guilt
Threading from the top
I'm sorry that I met you
And caused you all my trouble
Now I'm sorry that I said that
Because I'd never find your double
I'm sorry for wanting you the way I do
And as much as I always had
I'm sorry I let it grow so strong
Because the thought of loosing you drives me mad
I'm sorry for apologizing
For all that I see as my own
I'm sorry that you may love
All that I'm apologizing for
I'm sorry for apologizing
And giving you this guilt
I'm sorry for adding scars
For every sin I've spilt
I'm sorry for this depressing list
That may roll to the floor
I'm sorry for repeating
Most of the lines I've said before
I'm sorry you might not have the strength
To continue to deal with me
I'm sorry that I cause you harm
Now that I can see
I'm sorry that I'm now aware
And started this chain of sadness
I'm sorry that it took so long
I've driven past my madness

I'm sorry for writing out this poem
To try to help you see
And I'm very sorry to have you know
You've meant so much to me

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