As I sit in my room I think about you

November 8, 2007
As I sit in my room I think about you.
Your smile,
Your style,
Your whole personaility...
it just brings out something in me.
I can't explain it. It's just how I feel.
My heart, my body, my soul just goes crazy everytime you come near.
I tell my friends that I like you.
They tell me to tell you.
What do I...
Where do I...
How can I even begin?
For real, how can you tell a guy you want to be his girlfriend? It's not that I'm shy.
It's the fact that I
that I'm not smart, pretty, mature enough to date a guy like you.
But I can't take it no longer.
So what else is there for me to do, but tell you the truth.
Can't put my finger on it, but you've
done something to me.
Never have I ever felt so unworthy
of a guy.
But then again this isn't just any guy it's you
And so I hope that you will open your eyes and realize I'm the girl you should choose.

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