Love Fisher

November 8, 2007
If I want to talk percent,
you gave her ninety, she left you ten.
And believe me that never again…
Will you give without gettin’.
Never again…
Will you return to her side of the playpen.
And never again…
Will you forget how she left you right there and then.
But you will still love her.
As you scramble to find cover behind some other lover.
You should have just kept swimmin’,
but your curiosity was itchin’.
And what seemed to be a perfect match,
turns out she was just fishin’.
Searchin’ for that perfect catch,
with the brightest of lures and the tastiest of bait.

She can build you up,
but self-destruction is your fate.
The pain is piercing as she hooks your heart,
and the strain continually tears you apart.
Love is a hefty price to pay,
And she took it as if it were on sale, like some sort of free giveaway.
Don’t blame it on yourself, just take the product off the shelf.
But it’s too late! As she reels you in with her fake,
and pulls you with her fraud.
Her acting deserves a round of applaud.
Just know that you’re not the only one,
to be blinded by the beauty of the sun.
So take her smoking gun,
and throw it deep into the ocean.
Now find a tasty chaser for this twisted love potion.
You’re love wasn’t meant to spare,
but she doesn’t even care.
She will continue to choke you,
and leave you fighting for your very last breathe of air.
She finally sets you free…
there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
And because of her,
Stronger, Smarter, more ready you are now,
To be all that you can be.
So tell her I said thank you.
Tell her to please continue,
and pass on this clue to the next one in line at the venue.

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