September 12, 2010
By , Chester, NJ
Take less.
Give less.
Be less.

All those emotions inside I must supress,
All those insecurities I cannot address.
It's building up and causing stress,
But I must be less.

Must neglect to satisfy,
Must deprive my body of all good things.
No approach can rectify,
I've gotta quiet the hunger that sings.

Dispose of all that's extraneous;
I know what I need to survive.
The screaming voices in my head and out are simultaneous.
Just let me be if I don't want to thrive.

I want to be less.
The smaller the better,
Why don't you just tighten this fetter.
Continuously decrease,
3, 2, 1 a piece.

Feel less
See less
Know less.

Thinner waistline,
Lower weight.
Show my spine,
Clear the plate.

Abate the pain,
Reduce the worry.
No more strain
No more hurry.

I need to be less.
I hate myself, I hate this life.
But I digress.

Eventually there will be nothing left at all.
No smiles, no meals, no hearts, no trial.
I don't want a cure, I want to be in denial.

I just want to be less.

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Sept. 29, 2010 at 9:30 pm
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