This taxi is taking me away

November 8, 2007
By Kirstin Steward, Anniston, AL

This taxi is taking me away
Away from the painful nights
Nights I could not bat an eye
Nights I relied on those city lights.

I can't look in the rearview mirror
For fear of what can and might
Break my heart once again
Like the last of those city lights.

Things, they are becoming clearer
Maybe, just maybe you were right
Maybe I don't belong in this place
Where I shine under those city lights.

Love, love like what?
Love only brings me to fright
Like darkness, like silence
Like when the sun shuts off those city lights.

But I must look back, I must understand
Understand these words I write
Understnad what I never coould before
Like I understand those city lights.

And then the screech of tires turning
As my heart brought back in sight
The wonderful, trustworthy friendship
Of those beautiful city lights.

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