Inside These Four Walls

September 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Inside these four walls
I meet my demise
Outside these walls
Falls the world I despise

There’s a struggle beneath the floor
as my parents battle in their war
Inside these four walls
I can hardly make sense of it all
It’s like a quarantine of pain
Carving scars inside my heart
I’m unknown to the world
Like a shadow in the dark

To this day I walk alone
Not caring where I go
And I wave a flag of hatred
At the voices who curse it

But I watch the ruthless start a fire
Against the things we desire
And as your minds begin to turn
The world begins to burn
In a time of need only few can see the wrong
As thousands can merely crawl

You knew your actions speak louder than the words you say
Now the world will pay for your mistakes till the end of days
If you see the truth that I write
Then you’ll join my fight

Inside these four walls
I meet my demise
Outside these walls
FALLS the world I despise

The author's comments:
This piece really puts a negative look on life. From a reader's point of view it would make the narrator seem angry at the world. But what i hope someone would take away from this is that if you see something that you want to change then go change it.

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