The Dam That Cracked

November 8, 2007
By Arpita Aneja, Princeton Junction, NJ

The dam has cracked.
A waterfall of broken mirrors
Roll swiftly down soft, spongy hills.
The dam has cracked.
It tried fruitlessly
To keep in the salt and soreness,
But could not when the mirror shattered

Into dripping liquid,

Still sharp and bright.

The dam has cracked.
From an inner reaction;
An outburst of fire and rain.
Knives flung violently
At mirrors that would not break.
They bounced uselessly
Off the smooth surface.

And that anxious dam finally cracked.
It tried with all its pitiable strength
To keep the meaningless fluid from
Streaming down in two winding rivers,
But failed.
When a roar of fire and rain
Shattered the mirror

Into dripping liquid,

Still sharp and bright.

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