September 9, 2010
BillyxInx4CxNeverxSawxItxComing BRONZE, Buffalo, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"Too many times searching for mercy without sincere remorse. Look into these eyes forever holding doubt under masks of false comfort you wear so proud"

I am from a shattered mirror
Still trying to keep its pieces together
Hanging on tightly as the hammer
Comes smashing through
I am from feelings that are hidden,
Kept inside so that no one can see me cry
I am waiting for my timer to go off,
And explode with rage I’ve
Kept in for so long, letting it build up
I am from an old box of memories that are buried
So deep that they will never be remembered again
I was the scared little girl
Covering her ears in a corner screaming “please don’t I’m sorry”
I was afraid to speak op for myself when no one could
But now I am brave, able to stand strong and talk on my own
I am more alive than I was when I was too little to understand
I am now from wishful thinking and hoping I will make it through
I am Darian and that is where I’m from

The author's comments:
This peice talks about what i think im from. this type of poem is really great to write you even learn alittle more about your self when your done.

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