Let me define you see if I’m right

November 8, 2007
Let me define you see if I’m right
Let’s get together one of these weekend nights
Let’s go to a place, where no one knows
I’m happy that you’re the person I chose
I’m giving you all of me tonight
Would I fall in love with you? After this I just might
But, oh I think I already have
The fact that I can’t tell you, is really sad
I can’t tell you because I’m afraid of your response
I definitely don’t want you to leave me alone
So I can’t risk messing up this night
So let’s just lay back and turn off the light
Let’s play music as we make sweet love
I’m going to forget about everything, even those listed above
You kiss me here, you kiss me there
You handle me with such gentleness, with so much care
You whisper sweet things to calm my nerves
You’re the only one who can do this to me, the only one whose worth
As the time comes for it to finally happen
I start getting happy, start to panic
You tell me everything is going to be just fine
I believe you, because this is my first time
You start real slow, I feel some pain
However, I try to ignore it as I look at the rain
You continue to go inside me, break me in
You say I can’t handle it, I say I can
You become unsure if you should continue
“I’m crying because I’ve wanted you so bad, is what I tell you
After a few minutes I start feeling good
I can’t believe I did what I just done
You kiss me with your sweet lips
But my whole world changed that night. Why? Because the condom slipped
Now here I am raising a child
And I haven’t seen you in a while
I dropped out of school because I couldn’t take it
My stomach grew bigger, grades started dropping, I had to quit
My aunt said she’d raise the baby and told me not to hide
But I continued to hide because I felt ashamed for falling for your lies
You finally came back and said you wanted to raise the child
But it was too late because in August I committed suicide

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