The Battle of New Orleans

November 8, 2007
By Travis Strickland, Laurinburg, NC

The war had ended,
but we were still fighting.
Unaware of the peace
Jackson’s troops were still marching.
In 1814
they arrived in New Orleans
to stop an invasion
lead by artillery machines.
Two thousand troops were sent
to the north end of the city
to hold off the British
while Jackson readied his artillery.
The Americans captured supplies
and to the city they withdrew.
The attacks stalled the British
and the Americans knew
that the heavy weapons were coming
and it wouldn’t be long
before the British would have no chance
and the battle would be won.
News of peace reached New Orleans
In February,
but by then the Americans had won
in a decisive victory.
Andrew Jackson, made famous by this battle and this war
became the seventh president in 1829, on March 4th

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