The Brilliant Bill of Rights

November 8, 2007
The new Constitution was sharply criticized
By the anti federalists who wanted more individual rights.
After much conflict and quarrel, the group realized
That they would draft a document that could soar to new heights.

Individual liberties were what the anti federalists hoped for
But the federalists wanted a stronger central rule.
When it was time to settle the final score,
You could have called a federalist a fool.

The idea of this bill caused lots of debate.
Some believed that this addition was not needed
And some believed that is was great.
In the ending struggle, it was the anti federalists who had succeeded.

Mr. James Madison drafted a bill of human rights
And it spelled out the immunities of the people of the nation.
Despite all of the fights,
The Constitution received a new and improved foundation.

The central government did not seem to be happy
But the anti federalists finally got their voice.
The bill was added quick and snappy,
And their new published ideas gave them a reason to rejoice.

The success of our nation was assured with stability
Between the rights of the people and the government authority.
Soon the United States would be in a state of tranquility
And the liberties of citizens would be a high priority.

The addition of the Bill of Rights was essential
And definitely gave the Constitution some potential.

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