The Election of 1824

November 8, 2007
There were four major candidates when it all began
But only four were promising:
Henry Clay, from Kentucky, gamy and gallant
William Crawford of Georgia, an able and smart man
Andrew Jackson, the war hero from Tennessee
And John Quincy Adams, the highly intelligent son of the second President.

There was an almost certainty that Jackson would lead
He had already doubled two of his competitor’s popular votes.
When the Electoral vote came everyone was shocked,
The vote in college was found to be a deadlock
The conflict between this was shocking
And the House would be forced to decide.

When the election was sent to the House,
Clay was eliminated from the running
Being the Speaker
He could not be part of the race any longer
So Adams approached him, with knowledge of his position
And hoped that Clay would use his power to help him end with victory.

Adams and Clay made an agreement
That if Adams won in the House, Clay would become part of the cabinet.
Secretary of State is what he wanted,
And is what he would eventually get.
The conflict of this “Corrupt Bargain” would not be forgotten
Being it was one of secrecy and concealment

So it all ended,
With the bribery of a deal made in secrecy.

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