Foreign Neutrality In the Eyes of Our 1st and 5th Presidents

November 8, 2007
By Brian Graham, Marston, NC

Since the beginning of our glorious nation’s birth
We have had many problems with the other countries on Earth
From the Natives, to England, to France, and Spain
Everything has led us to great pain
There have been many deaths, losses, and battles alike
It seems all we can do is fight

Washington had the best opinion on neutrality
When he introduced his proclamation in 1793
I completely agree with its ideas of nonintervention
With any other country not to mention
His Farewell Address in 1797
Which in my judgment was an announcement made in heaven
It advised for no permanent alliances with foreign powers
This was the address’ overall point for its couple of hours

Another thing it did was prepare future presidents of might
To assist them in running the country in his delight
Since then however there have been many others
That have thrown Washington’s beliefs under the covers
In fact there was only one other who demanded nonintervention with he
It was James Monroe, with his doctrine in 1823
It warned the European nations to stay away
Or they would definitely have a price to pay

It also stated the colonization of America was at an end
Which the new nation was to amend
Fixing, adjusting, and creating anew
Were the things that the leaders of America had to do
Now we know exactly what it took
With the information in our U.S History book

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