Sees No Evil

November 8, 2007
One simple day,
The monkey was in the trees
When approached by a fox
Wanting to give his plea.

Dear friend, said the fox
While circling the tree,
Why don’t you come down
So we can speak?

No, replied the monkey
I know just how cunning
You really can be.
If I step down, continued the monkey
Wanting to speak,
You will gulp me right up
Like an afternoon treat.

Drat, said the fox
I will just have to take my leave.

Right as the fox was leaving
The monkey let down his guard
And out came the snake
With such a simple scheme.

Old friend, said the snake
While sliding around the tree,
Why don’t you come down
So we can speak?

Why should I, asked the monkey
You aren’t quite different from that old nasty fox.
What guarantees that you
Won’t eat me right up?

I have a proposition, continued the snake
Just come down and join me
So we can negotiate.

Negotiate, you say, asked the monkey.
Negotiate, I say, replied the snake.

So, said the monkey
What is it I need to do
For you to leave me be?

Grant me peace, said the snake
And simple safe passage
Through these very trees.

Being so trusting
Of his old friend
The monkey saw no wrong
In the snake’s simple plea.

The monkey was young
So very naïve
And he did not know the snake
Was such a conniving being.

Peace continued on
For many, many weeks
The relationship between monkey and snake
As good as any could be

One simple day
Trouble was in the air
When the snake and monkey convened.

What is it my dear friend,
Inquired the monkey.
You seem to have
Something on your mind.

I do old friend, said the snake,
Approaching the monkey.
You see, I needed no peace,
I just needed something vulnerable to eat.

I believe I can do that just now
In a nice little stew.
So my old friend
I bid you adieu.

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