What Is Behind This Face

September 10, 2010
Crystals are falling
but the whirlwind is calling.

Do I come at my own will
or do not stay still?
Crystals are falling like ashes of the many memories
that fall and disappear like the many stories

Child-like imagination
of unknown boundaries of a many foundation.

Many thoughts all at once, are differing and changing,
some are childish, but others are more mature, they’re always differing and changing.
Child-like imagination that oversteps the boundaries of time and space
that has no control over what may happen behind this face.

A train of thought that never dies, but is always crashing and burning,
nothing is in order in a mind of making.

Lost in a counciousness that has no master
as it runs amok on a path to nowhere as it goes faster and faster.
A train opf thought that crashes and burns ,but never dies, so it keeps on going
throughout all eternity till the end of life wandering without showing.

This a mind that has secrets
that will never be writtn.

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