The War of 1812

November 8, 2007
Bullets flying in the air,
Wounded soldiers with blood drenched hair.
Death a risk for every man,
The war of 1812 began.

They sank our ships and ruined trade,
As the peace we had, began to fade.
Mother and child at each others throats,
They broke their promise and sank our boats.

Fighting at Pensacola and the Great Lakes,
The battles were brutal and took no breaks.
The more that Britain began to win,
The more our hope grew frail and thin.

Hours were days, and days were years,
Our mothers and children shed countless tears.
Fathers and son’s stripped from home,
Mothers raise their young alone.

They set the capital city ablaze,
On we marched for many days.
When we finally reached New Orleans,
We had a bloody battle with violent scenes.

The War was ended with the treaty of Ghent,
But word of peace was never sent.
The fighting continued another year,
Every man was full of fear.

When the fighting seized and we returned,
We never forgot what we had learned.

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