A Nation Finds its Identity

November 8, 2007
In 1776, we signed a declaration
With the strike of a pen, began our new nation.
We gained independence and had won a war
All was well, but we needed something more

We had yet to find a spirit- a national pride
That teemed from the soul which we could not hide.
Certain leaders possessed it and lead the country strong.
Hamilton founded the Bank and Washington did no wrong.

Old Tom Jefferson declared, “We must be frugal!
“With Britain be peaceful, keep everything neutral.”
And the people cried out, “Revenge we seek,
Revenge, Revenge for the beloved Chesapeake!”
Jefferson knew war would mean sorrow
So he tried his best with the act of Embargo.
And the people cried out, “This act is not sound.”
“We must stop France and Britain from pushing us around.”

Between two belligerent countries, America was trapped.
War was their destiny, and their destiny was mapped.
A country divided, entered Mr. Madison’s war,
But Americans emerged, united to the core.
Nothing won, nothing lost, with the treaty of Ghent
But after lives were lost and the bullets were spent,
Freedom had been won to a greater extent.

For what the War of 1812 would show
Is that America is proud, afraid of no foe
Oppression is not tolerated, in no way, form or fashion
Don’t make us go call Andrew Jackson.
We are one; we are united, and above the others will fly.
Simply put, we are Americans, by and by.

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