War of 1812

November 8, 2007
By Parker Beam, Laurinburg, NC

We as this new nation
Try and stay on what is right
But when it comes to defending
In a second we will fight
And at that we will fight in honor
You know we’ll give ‘em hell
It was truly like this
In the war of 1812

The Indians were furious,
Thought of being robbed of all their land
So they wanted to fight as well
Joining the enemies at hand
The Americans were warned
About what they would see
So they took the Battle to Canada
On the land and on the sea

They looked for victory over water
In the battles on the Great Lakes
They held their own till the end,
They caused the earth to shake
Then it became different
The tables began to turn
The British wanted war
It is what they yearned

About that time the war was almost over
But another battled occurred near the Chesapeake Bay
We wanted to fight no more
But they still wanted a fray
A treaty was wrote and signed
We made peace, and the war was over
But unfortunately,
Some didn’t get the word in time

This led to one last battle
With Jackson’s forces against the British
This ended in a major victory for America
And cause the enemy to diminish.

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