Indian Removal

November 8, 2007
By Matt Morgan, Laurinburg, NC

Tears, changes, newly discovered land
Little children grasping their Indian mother’s hand
It was a time for moving and crossing the River,
Although relocating caused chins to quiver.

Fear of the unknown instilled in their hearts,
Caused fighting among them and caused their depart.
Forced out of their lands and into the west,
Treated as mere animals, as if they were pests.

Even though they were told it was an exchange,
The Indians knew they weren’t “home on the range”.
One hundred thousand people in what’s now Oklahoma,
Education was sparse, even more a diploma.

Mr. Jackson was funded in the year 1830,
He began his removal with support that was sturdy.
A political mind thought only for state,
A reluctant compliance, although it was hate.

Black Hawk led the Sauk and Fox brave,
Fighting to Wisconsin, it was their lives they gave.
In Illinois they were and saw the troubles too,
The fighting continued there, long after Tippecanoe.

The Seminoles in Florida left to the Everglade,
They continued hiding there even after peace was made.
4,000 more deaths, 4,000 more fears,
The Cherokees grew bitter from the Trail of Tears.

Black Hawk, Second Creek, and Seminole Wars,
All did nothing, the government closed the doors. . .

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