November 8, 2007
By Brian Macon, Battle Creek, MI

It was once there beating like a drum.
Now it’s covered in a blizzard an icebox.
When I breathe the chill of the icebox pushes its chill out of me.
I remember the warmth that used to fill me.

My eyes bear testimony to ice box
Once brown and hazel now blue as an iceberg.
My touch turns flowers to a withery blue an outside reflection
Of how I once felt full of life now I am dead.

All my emotions are frozen inside of me.
I look in the mirror and I cant rember the last time I felt happy.
I just know the icebox now.
I wish I had an emotional ice pick to get my heart back.

I never knew that something like heartbreak
Could create something so cold in me.
Now there’s nothing left fro me to do but defrost
This icebox that was my heart.

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