A kind-hearted saint when I feel committed

November 7, 2007
A kind-hearted saint when I feel committed
A hate-loving snake when the situations fitted
you see, my dear, I have more faces than a dice
I can be peaceful or angry or jealous or nice
I am what i am, there's no turning back
I'll try my best to replace all the emotions you lack
I'll love you, hate you, hurt you and make you
I'll Tease you, hold you, I'll spite you, create you
I am the highest highs, and the deepest deep
I'm your cheeks that blush, and the tears that you weep.
I'll tear you up and I'll spit you out
then I'll put you back together without a doubt
You'll hate me one day, and love me the next
After a couple months, you'll see my effect
You'll be angry and bitter and lonely and sad
I'll leave you unsatisfied, dead, cold, and mad.
The side effects are mild compared to the fix
You'll be as soft as a blanket and tough as a brick.
then I'll leave you alone and move on the next victim,
I'll make them, then break them then try hard to fix them.

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