One Last Kiss

November 7, 2007
The boy met the girl
The boy had been betrayed
But he knew now it was a new world
The day he saw that girl

The girl was scared to meet the boy
She had been deeply hurt
But she knew he was different
And everything was about to start

They met through coincidence
She could not stop blushing
He could not stop staring
They both could not stop lusting

They laid on that old couch
Not knowing the hurricane about to start
When he would decide to ask her out
Suddenly the time laid still with them

As the crush quickly blossomed to love
All the people began to stare
At how when the two hands touched
It was as if no one else was there

Their bond became quite rare
With trips, friends, and dances
Through times both happy and sad
Avoiding all the jealous glances

A year had swept by
The stars seemed brighter
The ground softer
The air lighter

Little did the couple know
The stronger the war
The more painful the end is
It would strike quick and to the core

The fights began with a tremble
But soon broke into an earthquake
They fought as hard as they could
Because they knew it was their hearts at stake

He made her feel worthless
She hurt him right back
They stabbed eachother continuously
Until they went straight from defense to attack

She gave up and let others control her
He lied and became someone he is not
She laid on a floor of a stranger
He let his heart turn cold

Two years of happiness
Will never make up the pain
So she tried again
And more suffering soon came

This is the story of two people
Too ignorant to see what love is
Vulnerable and ruthless
Two seventeen year-olds always calling It
One last kiss

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