September 10, 2010
By RAVER SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
RAVER SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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Me, myself, and I, lost in the midst of time, floating o the sea of life!!!

You may think they are mean,
You may think they will forget you
You may feel left out,
But the truth?

You don’t want another person in your life,
You don’t want to call a strange man your dad,
You want your old dad back ,
The dad that has been in your life for years
The man who changed your diaper at 3:00 in the morning,
You want YOUR dad,

You know in your heart you will never forget him,
But you feel as if a part of your heart is now gone,
You are afraid that you will never have a dad again,
You want your dad back
You stay up all night crying out for him,
You are constantly thinking about him,
You wish for him to be here by your side at all times,

Its been a year now,
You are still thinking about him
You wish you could give him just one more hug,
You would give anything to see him again,
Your step dad hardly pays attention to you,
He ignores you,
And because of that you want your old dad back
The one who really loved you ,
The one that worked hard to make sure you were happy,
The one who you love

But then it hits you
It hits you like a big train
Hes’ gone,
Hes’ not coming back all you have is memories of him
Its like a shield keeping you from seeing him again

You miss him
You miss him so dearly
You want to hold him hug and never let go
But you realize you can’t
Your life long dream is never going to happen
You sit there crying
Not crying but sobbing
And wishing for him to return

You look up
You look up and you picture your dad standing there wanting to comfort you
But he can’t he’s only an image
A faint memory in the back of your mind

You know that you will have to let it go sometime
But you are not ready
You want just one more smile
You want to hold onto him forever
But you know that this is holding you back
It is holding you back from your dreams
Your other dream that you want just as much as you want your dad back
So then you realise
You have to let him go and your step dad is the replacement.

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