I love you

November 7, 2007
By Kendall Wood, Encinitas, CA

I love you with all the heart I have left in which love can fit
I love you more than I could utter with words if I were given the tongue of an angel
I love you more than anyone has ever been loved before.
I love you enough to fill the sky with.
You’ve saved me from a fate even I am too afraid to mention.
You’ve saved me from something far worse than the thing you are utterly afraid of.
You’ve saved me from disbelief, abandonment, and self-doubt.
You brought me above air, and into the clouds where I can breathe easier than I ever thought possible.
You brought me out of reality, and into a world, a dimension, that I have yet to understand.
You brought me the hope, dreams, loyalty, and trust in others that I have waited for for so long.
But most importantly, you brought me you, a friend, a fellow, and a lover.
I love you.

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