November 7, 2007
By Julia Carter, Columbia City, IN

I like dark colors
but I'm not goth
I like to cry
don't ask me why

I am a girl
just as simple as that
I am me
that's all I'll ever be

I've been a movie star
who drives fast cars
I've been a beauty queen
The star of the scene

this is my life to make
One, I won't let you break
This is me
I'm wearing my heart on my sleave

I've been the one
who laughed and had fun in the sun
I've had it all
I knew someone would catch me when I fall

Not gonna lie
Sometimes I wanna die
But I won't give up
Even if my backs against the wall

I am a state of udder confusion
Feels like I am living a delusion
But I am a girl of this world
that continues to twirl

So I won't give up, shut up, or break down
I will stand tall, proud, and beautiful

Because I am a regular girl
And this is my "unregular"world!

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