Drunken Fear

September 9, 2010
already past midnight

still taking sips

Unaware of the danger

of putting it to thy lips

swallowed and finished

finished now I wish

but not before taking more

and swimming like a fish

an intoxicated fish

blind as can be

unknowing of the danger ahead

I wish it had not been me

I grab my keys

get in the car

hear the engine

and go to afar

before I get there

I hear a loud scare

I feel nothing

this isn't that rare

lucky to be alive

remembering of the event

the last thing I did

before I went

I went to a deep sleep

unable to wake

before three years past

and see what happened for my own sake

now unable to move thy legs

unable to replace a life

unable to fulfill my dreams

as I was on the cusp of many things

the things being my life

my time that I expected

to have, hold , and cherish

But one mistake caused it to perish

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