Left Me Behind

November 7, 2007
By Nichole Tatge, Gulfport, MS

The rare disease
Has done nothing
To ease my pain
And suffering.

He is ill
Once again.
I yearn to help,
But know I can’t.

I thought this was over.
He’d sworn he was fine.
And now, to discover
It was only a matter of time.

I’ve lost two to the cause
And now I’m losing another.
Isn’t there anyone else?
Why my grandfather?

We’ve done nothing
To deserve this punishment –
Just tried to live
Our lives to the fullest.

And now to take it
All away –
Seems so unfair –
Gets worse everyday.

Constantly forcing
My mind to obey.
Praying it won’t wonder –
That it won’t vacate where I’ve asked it to stay.

Crying myself to sleep everynight
Makes it harder to deal
With the pain and fright
I constantly feel.

He won’t make it.
I know this is true.
How I am able to accept this,
I haven’t a clue.

For I dread the day
I come to find
My grandfather’s gone,
And left me behind.

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