I know it's always there

November 7, 2007
By Misty Rossi, Saint Paul, MN

I know it's always there
Burning in your soul
I watch it scratch your flesh
But they will never know.
Screaming on the inside
Smiling on the out
My tears and blood run down
And all they do is shout
Yelling in my face
Pulling out my hair
All the pain you hold in that cold, Dead stare.
All this time I watch you
But I never understand
Only 'till they hit me
I'm reaching for your hand
Shattering like a mirror
I watch my life go by
Counting down to the day
When I can finally die.
Taking all these doses
Trying to ease the pain
The only thing I see
As the black curtian closes
Is you-
Running through the darkness,
Never ending fight
It almost seems hopeless
Waiting for the light
But all at once you grab me
Tight around the wrists
Saving me softly
I unclench my fists.
You won the battle for me
letting me go free
The rain is pouring down now
And I know that you love me.

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