What life is About

November 7, 2007
By Christa Villard, Dorchestor, MA

Life isn't about keeping score.
It's not about how many friends you have,
or what group you hang out with.
It's not about if you have plans this weekend
or if you're spending it alone.
It's not about who you're going out with,
or how many people you've gone out with.
It's not about how many people you’ve kissed,
how far you've gone,
Or if you've kissed no one at all.
It isn't about how beautiful or ugly you are,
Or how others see you.
It doesn't matter what clothes you wear,
The purses you own, the make-up you put on.
It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to,
Or if your hair is black, red, brown, or blonde.
It doesn't matter how light or dark your skin is.
It's not about what grade you get,
How smart you are,
How smart others think you are.
It's not about how good or bad you are at "your sport"
It's not about trying to represent our whole being,
Or our life on the internet.
Life is about the ones you love
And the ones you hurt.
It's bout making you happy
Or unhappy, on purpose.
It's about how you see yourself.
It's about keeping trust.
It's about getting and giving second chances.
It's about the things you say and the things you mean,
Everything inspiring and everything hurtful.
It's about what your judgments are and why,
And who your judgments are spread to.
It's about anger, jealousy, fear,
Ignorance and revenge.
It's about having love in your life
And being able to admit it.
It's about showing how you feel and why,
But mostly,
It's about using you life to touch another's
In such a way that could’ve
Never occurred alone.

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