The knife you stabbed me with

November 7, 2007
You stabbed me in the heart
And kept the knife there
Inside me digging deeper,
For the very long time,
Of what felt like forever,
You neglected to remove it from me,
Which hurt the most.
But I also blame myself,
I didn't want to take it out,
Because I loved your pretty knife
Covered in my blood,
That made my entire life distressing and painful
I felt like I would bleed to death if it had left my body,
I thought I'd die without it hurting me.
But then one day I realized it wasn't inside me,
You had left and took your beautiful knife with you
To never hurt me again
And at first I was scared without it
But little by little it healed
Until I barely felt pain there
And I realized the knife you stabbed me with
Hurt so much it made my heart numb,
Even though it damaged me so much at first
I thank you for taking it out of me.
The healing only happened after the knife was taken out from my heart.


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