She Walked Away

November 7, 2007
-Lights-Lightning-Light the match-
Hurry darkness falls
Shhh quiet!
They can hear you through the walls
Take me to be taken here
I don't care if you see
I'm in love
With my already bride to be
She's coming down the hall
You better hurry quick
Before you take the fall
-I imagine imagery-Imagined instantly-
I see images of only you and me
I am blind to advice
Only you and I make we
Sounds a lot like pain
If I say "I love you"
Will you stop to refrain?
Back away from love
How can I do this?
I know it's me you're thinking of
-Thoughts think-Hearts open-
Words are said, although unspoken
Leaving with unsteady eyes because
A promise has been broken
"I love you."
Does marriage have a meaning?
Am I lying to myself?
Is it you; Am I needing?
I've got to go
I'm through with love
When I find you, behind the screen
Tell me who you've been dreaming of
Wait! One last stanza-Make a point
Just let me see,
I'll take you back . . .
If only it was me . . .

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