November 7, 2007
By Marie Gustafson, Sandy, UT

Our Uaine was peaceful and
Brought to be a beauty land.
Beauty greens
And sweet the means.
Oh a home to me!

Murnes, a kingdom 'cross the brook,
Peacefulness, we had mistook,
Their King Aldric wanted land,
More to meet demand.

Time pass and Uaine lasts,
The war brought on by Aldric King.
His army holds the culture molds,
Set on by the royal ring.

Our Uaine was fighting for,
Freedom from the breaking war.
Aldric and his lust for land,
We could barely stand.

First siege was not Beag
But on the beauty past the mountains.
Socair its armies bare
Was unable to meet ends.

Our King Conri was dismayed,
At the lot the Murnians made.
Sent his troops to our dear Beag,
Oh how great our liege!

Beag had learn'd to fend for land,
'Fore they had to take a stand;
Ready when the armies came,
Ready for the maim.

Beag kept their hold except,
They forgot the beauty of their bliss;
Barren Uaine became,
Slow enough for them to miss.

Our Uaine lost peace in heart,
Lost in wait for war to start;
Beauty faded from our land,
Beag still kept its stand.

Time tossed and Beag lost,
The strength requir'd to keep its land
King of Murnes new interest turns
toward our last hope: Tearmann

Our dear Conri met Aldric,
Soon to be a fatal nick.
King of Murnes slayed our own king.
Oh! What a mournful ring!

Murnian king, now Uaine king,
Turned his head once more to our dear Beag.
Our land was torn our men were worn
All from the extensive siege.

Our dear Beag was cast away
From the king who made the slay
King of Murnes was not our liege,
not to outcast Beag.

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