They all tell me that I should not be with him

November 7, 2007
By Candace Green, Chilliwack, ZZ

They all tell me that I should not be with him,
That I deserve someone new.
I know they're right, and it's what I should do.
But deep inside, my heart has fallen hard for you.
He's the only one I love, and care for so much.
He makes me feel so blessed inside, I love his gentle touch.
Nobody can replace him, no matter how hard they try.
Love was just a word, until I met you.
You give it meaning, this I know is true.
Without you baby, I am incomplete.
You are the only who can fill in that missing piece.
A life without you, is not a life at all.
I just want you to be there to catch me when I fall.

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