Back in the day

November 7, 2007
Theres a huge gap between me and my moms generation
From all of her “I remember when stories” to all of her “When I was
I just say, “That was back in your day”
Back when nonone lived in Kalispell
Or when gas might have only cost 50 cents
From school uniforms to low cut shirts and cut off jeans
My, my a lot has changed since her day
She just says “You don’t understand the worlds a lot different than
it was back then”
“That was my generation and you’ll never understand”
In her day riding horses into town was normal
And in the entire town there was only one traffic light
So when my mom tells me I don’t understand
I, too, have seen changes
In what use to be a small town
So before I judge or give my mom a hard time
I just stop
And I think yeah, I remember
What that was like back in my day

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