Sing like nobody’s listening

November 7, 2007
By Sierra Baker, Kalispell, MT

When I think of all the things that
Has happened in my life
One memory stands out
From all the rest
Standing in the auditorium
Nearing the end of the year
Sadly our last choir concert
Was finally here.
You may be wondering why
I’m writing about a concert
Buts its what happened before the concert
That makes this memory so memorable.

It seems like it was just yesterday.
Our choir went out in the hall to know
Where to line up for that night
I stayed in the auditorium with Krystal Noble
Stressed out from all the finals that were due
I knew that there was something I had to do.

In an instance music started to fill the auditorium
And a song that was familiar to both of us started to play
We belted out the words, danced to it just like we had
7 months before that at our first choir concert.
All of a sudden our choir walked in
The music stopped, and we stopped dancing
Nobody knew what went on in the auditorium that day

For as long as I live I will cherish this memory
Because sadly, today Krystal is no longer with us
Sometimes when I’m by myself and I start thinking
Of that day in the auditorium it feels like I’m there
Again dancing and singing with Krystal Noble

There’s a saying that’s goes ‘Dance like nobody’s watching”
And “Sing like nobody’s listening.” And that is exactly what
We did that day in the auditorium.

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